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We make a lot of decisions we move on to regret; a Paris trip is never one of them. 

A successful Paris trip includes getting lost in its charming vintage streets, photo shooting every gorgeous thing that comes into view and being engulfed in its historical significance, as evidenced by the intricately drafted architecture.

Paris family vacation packages have been selling like hot cakes, and for all the good reasons. It's nearly hard to plan a one-week itinerary in Paris because there's so much to see and do. But with the right travel partner, you get the best of what this beauty has to offer. 

Unwind in the luxury of your 4-star hotel, and as you step out, spread your arms wide open, and let the Paris magic engulf you into oblivion. Our Paris vacation packages all-inclusive guides through the nooks and corners that might end up stealing a piece of your heart. 

The true measure of a successful Paris trip is not how much you see and do. But how you interpret those experiences, how you observe the culture and make lifelong memories in the loving company of your beloved.


A trip to Paris, when done right, has the power to forge a deeper connection with your clan and within your real self. A 5-minute break at every tourist spot is not the way to achieve the feat.

Que l'aventure commence, Monsieur!

(Let the adventure begin, Monsieur!)

Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysee, Arc de Triomphe, Pont Alexandre III, Tuileries Garden

First stop? What else than the magnificent Eiffel Tower? Your Paris family tour package gives you an edge in securing the tickets to enter the pride of Paris. You can stroll right up underneath the bridge and then across the Champs de Mar park, where you may have a modest first-day picnic. Alternatively, you can photograph the Eiffel Tower from the famed Trocadero. 
Later you can also experience the top of the lovely Arc de Triomphe. 
If you're going from the Eiffel Tower, you ought to cross the Seine River to reach the world's most renowned retail strip and one of Paris' most iconic sights.
The Champs Elysees is opulent, but its beauty lies in its simplicity. Beautifully planted trees lead you to the larger-than-life Arc de Triomphe, making the boulevard even more appealing (if that's even possible). If you have taken up an all-inclusive trip to Paris for 2, your lady love will fall in love with this aesthetics. 
Stall your stroll at Pont Alexandre III for another stunning vista of the Eiffel Tower! Near this bridge, some phenomenal museum buildings make a pretty catchy backdrop for great staged photos.
The bright gold dome of Les Invalides can be seen as you cross the bridge. This impressive structure houses various army museums and Napoleon's tomb. Keep moving, and there's the Tuileries Garden, an ideal spot for an afternoon saunter or sit, cherish French macarons, and assume you're living in Paris!

What Not-to-Miss on Your New York Vacation?

The Louvre, Rue de Rivoli, Pont Des Artes

You get to appreciate the enriching French history at The Louvre museum, smiling directly at the poised Mona Lisa. And buzz along in the bustling street of Rue de Rivoli. 


Tighten your seat belts and probably loosen your wallets as you step into the Galeries Lafayette; the mall reeks authentic French Luxury. A bit ahead down the street, there’s Printemps, a fellow house of luxury shopping. 


*Bet you’re glad you scored a great deal with your Paris family tour package, now?*

Saint Germaine des Pres, Luxembourg Gardens

The classic wrought-iron balconies, beige-colored houses with elegant facades, and a quaint cafe on every corner – Saint Germaine des Pres is everything you expect when you think of Paris. The finest thing to do on this side of the Seine is to spend a day wandering small streets and savoring the meaningful pleasures. While on a promenade, stop by Luxembourg Gardens for a baguette.

Versailles, Montmartre

A one-week schedule in Paris is an incomplete story without a day trip, and Versailles is undoubtedly the best option. Strasbourg, Disneyland Paris, and Normandy are all equally excellent day excursion opportunities. You can lock the location you desire with your exclusively tailored Paris family vacation packages.


The Palace of Versailles, the gilded-in-gold residence of King Louis XVIII, is not the one to be missed.

The 18th arrondissement, Montmartre, is one of Paris' most attractive areas. There is a lot to see and do in Montmartre, but the Sacre-Couer is a must-see. This chapel, perched atop the hill's highest point, serves as a beacon for the city of Paris. It has one of the most sough-after viewing points in Paris.

Notre Dame Cathedral, Le Marais

From its beautifully sculpted front to the sparkling stained-glass windows, Notre Dame Cathedral is one of Paris' most beautiful destinations. The 1,000-year-old church is open to visitors.


In the centre of Paris, peruse antique novels before stopping by Odette for a coffee and a profiterole snack. Return across the Seine to Le Marais, a bustling Parisian neighborhood.

It was originally Paris's Jewish neighborhood, but now it's home to unique stores, cafés, and breath-taking architectural structures around every corner.

What a Wrap!

Your Paris family tour package filled your yearly family album with some pretty cool and heart-melting pictures, and now it’s time to bid adieu! What is better than Seine River Cruise? A calm and fulfilling sail through the gorgeous shores.


But are you in mood for some more vibrancy and one rocking excursion, streets of Rue de Cremieux are all decked up for you? The cute and picture savvy ambience will hug you the perfect goodbye to your Paris trip!

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