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Exciting Couples Vacations for Valentines 2023: Skydiving in Dubai

Having conquered the sandy terrains and rightfully earning the titles like “ Las Vegas of the Middle East” and “Playground of the rich”; Dubai has gracefully extended its skies to serve thrill-seekers across the globe. Your itinerary for Couples Dubai Vacation is about to get better.

Skydiving in Dubai is a non-negotiable, must-have experience on every traveler’s Dubai bucket list. And what better occasion than valentines day to cherish this experience with your beloved.

Blessed with futuristic architecture, tranquil seas, and vast deserts, every inch of Dubai is thriving with life. And Skydiving satiates that thirst for life on a level you didn’t even know existed. Nothing beats jumping off the plane from 13,000 feet above sea level and into the majestic sky field. Whether it’s the wind in your hair or the mind-numbingly spectacular view that lies ahead, everything about this activity gets your adrenaline pumping and fills your heart with newfound contentment.

Here's everything you need about skydiving in Dubai.

Types of Skydiving in Dubai

Skydiving seems pretty straightforward. However, to accommodate everyone, in a Couples’ Dubai Vacation Package you can choose between two types of skydiving. It pretty much comes down to how far are you willing to go. In either case you’ll be properly equipped with the latest authorized safety gear and there would be professionals walking you through the entire experience. Read on to see where you’d like to jump on.

1. Outdoor Skydiving

The name says it all- Outdoor skydiving in Dubai involves jumping out of a plane at a high altitude and experiencing the sensation of free-fall in an outdoor environment.

After all the formalities of registration, safety prep, and a thorough explanation of the process, you will be air-lifted at 13,000 feet. And the real action begins! An experienced and licensed professional straps up with you, and usually, there’s another pro-diver recording your whole experience.

After an exhilarating free fall of 60 seconds, going at a speed of 120 miles/h, at approximately 6,000 ft, your parachute shoots out. Your gradual descent to the land of the living would be full of scenescapes others have only been dreaming about.

2. Indoor Skydiving

Conflicted between your ardent desire to make the best of your Couples’ Dubai Vacation and your crippling fear of altitudes? Well, Dubai seldom disappoints! You can go for a more controlled and a safer alternative- Indoor Skydiving. It involves a wind tunnel where the air is blown at high speeds, simulating the sensation of free-fall while indoors.

You'll be floating in the air three metres above the ground thanks to state-of-art, strong blowers and air conditioners. The tunnel is extremely secure because it is covered in acrylic glass. So feel free to bring in the kids as well.

Despite this being an open-to-all activity, for safety purposes, there are certain rules determining the eligibility criteria for diving enthusiasts. It’s recommended to check those requirements before booking your Valentine’s Couples Vacation to Dubai.

A Valentine to Remember!

Skydiving as a couple can be a great experience for several reasons:

  1. Bonding: Skydiving is an adrenaline-pumping activity that can create a sense of excitement and adventure. By experiencing this together in a Dubai couple’s vacation package, lovers can bond over the shared excitement and create lasting memories.

  2. Shared accomplishment: Skydiving is not an easy feat, especially for first-timers. By jumping together, couples can share in the accomplishment of facing their fears and completing the jump.

  3. Beautiful view: Dubai is famous for its skyline and skydiving allows couples to see the city from a unique perspective, the view from above is breathtaking and can be a romantic experience for the couple.

  4. Photography and videography: Many skydiving companies in Dubai offer photography and videography packages, which can capture the moments of the experience and the couple can have a memento of the experience forever.

  5. Unique experience: Skydiving is not something that everyone gets to do, so it's a unique and special experience that couples can share together.

Overall, skydiving as a couple can be a thrilling, bonding, and unique experience that couples can treasure forever.

All Around Travel has curated more such exciting valentine’s special couples’ vacation packages. We love LOVE! And we go above and beyond to add adventure to your special times.

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